Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PDD Part 2-- Journal Style

The following is the actual entry out of my journal from Wednesday, June 16, 2010.

Y'all should feel special. This is seriously a word-for-word copy of what my journal says about The Jack incident.


So It turns out I can be a bit slutty sometimes. And here's why.

On Monday night, I went to FHE at Foster's parents' house, where we watched a movie on the lawn. While I was there, I got to talking to Jack, who teased me about Chad, and told me he actually made out with Kimberly, Chad's friend from South Carolina, at the same time me and Chad were making out when I left last night. He was flirty, and was all, "I won't tell Chad if you don't tell Kim," innuendo, etc.

Oh. And did I mention I learned this whilst sitting on his lap while he was on a lawn chair?
Because I was.
He had beckoned me jokingly over at one point, patting his leg, saying "Come on, TC, let's have a little chat."
You should have seen the look of mild, pleasant surprise on his face when I shrugged and just popped right on down.

It was right around then that I adopted a new policy and outlook on life.
I like to call it, "To Hell with it."

Jack and I spent the evening basically flirting it up. He asked for my phone number and said we should go to a baseball game the next night. I said sure, and we made plans for Tuesday. After the movie ended and most of the branch had left, our little group of friends decided to stay with Foster and watch Phantom of the Opera on the lawn as well. He turned it on and we all readjusted closer to the screen. At first Jack and I were just sitting side by side, but then we lay down to get more comfortable.

Somehow or another, after about twenty minutes, we were spooning on the blanket. He would reach over and scratch or rub my back occasionally, and we would whisper jokes or comments about the movie to each other. At one point, he gently leaned over and kissed my neck, very lightly.

We all know how I feel about neck kissing.
I think I actually kind of shivered or something, and shifted, and he leaned back a little and whispered, "Oh, was that not okay? Sorry.. it was just a little kiss."
I relaxed back again , reassuring him that it was more than okay. He hesitantly reached back and wrapped his arm around me again. After about another hour or two, I left my friends to go home.

The next night we went to the baseball game. There was a two hour rain delay after we got to the stadium, but we stuck it out, laughing and talking and joking under an umbrella until the game finally started.

Something you may not know about me: Huge. Baseball. Fan.
So basically, the whole game was enjoyable.
Jack was good too, I guess. Ahahaha.
He would hold my hand or put his arm aroud me, or he started doing that thing I'm really into where he would rub his face into my neck and just breathe for a second, then place a little smooch right by my collarbone.

So he picked me up yesterday and we were just as flirty as before. We snuggled a little duing the game,which had a two hour rain delay, and our team lost, but it was still fun. On the way home, while still in the parking lot, he looked at me and said "I really wanna kiss you."

I responded. "Hmm, is that so?" as he started driving home.

"Yep. But I don't know if I should."

"Huh. I don't know if you should either."

The conversation went back to normal, but with a slightly increased sexual tension. We just drove and listened to music and chatted. Eventually we got to my house.

There was some sort of banter going on, and then another one of those close-face pauses. He stared at me for a milisecond, and then went for it.

Holy Crap. This boy is a good kisser.
I know he's had a lot of experience, but hey, it shows. Like, seriously. He was perfect at it. By far, even today, the best kisser I've ever been with.

I don't know if I can explain it. Maybe it was the way he reached over me to lean my passenger seat back further, or maybe the way he would pause to kiss the rest of my face or (swoon) my neck every so often, or maybe it was the way he would whisper on a conversation even as we were making out.
"I like to take my time," he would say softly. "I like to make each... [kiss on one side of my neck] little kiss... [kiss just further down my neck] last... I like to make the experience worth it."

I couldn't help myself. I laughed or giggled aloud a couple times like a schoolgirl. He asked why, and all I could say is, "Well, I hardly talked to you up until a few days ago, and now we're.. well, here, doing this. I just find it sort of amusing." He would laugh and agree.

He straight up asked me at one point. "Do you kiss with tongue?"
"Well, sometimes. Depending. Like with Chad, he was.. well, sort of a wet kisser. He tried to let his tongue do all the work, and well, that doesn't do it for me."
"So.. does that make me a better kissed that hit-it-quit-it-Chad?"
"Um, yeah, actually. .......A lot better. Hahaha!"

We french kissed. And I didn't gag. I'm not a huge fan of french kissing generally. I think saliva is gross. But he had some way of doing it that just, was just enough. He drew back slightly at first and his eyes flicked. "Oh.. I like that. You know, you're kind of good at this."
"Oh, thanks. I like to think so I guess." AHAHAHA.

He whispered to me again. "Wow. I like the way you taste. Its sweet. Like, literally sweet. Amazing."

I am a sucker for sweet talk. Literal or no.

He kept saying how surprised he was by me, and how he was taken aback, and felt like he must have been missing out all this time, which made me giggle, since I like being unexpected. It makes me feel powerful.

After I went inside, he texted me saying "I think i'm going to smile for three days! :) Sleep sweet." It was sort of adorable.

Basically, we both know nothing can happen, since I'm kind of flying back to Utah on Sunday. But I do think he likes me.. maybe a lot. Hahaha.

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Neck kisses=beyond hot. I'm a big fan.