Thursday, March 31, 2011

And then there was Utah. End of June 2010

And so, on one dreary Sunday morning, I flew to Utah.

Enter the new roommates. A Utah-bred blonde, and half-mexican North Californian brunette, both of them 5'10", making me feel like a midget at my hardly-5'4".
Names: Annee and Kami.
I remember, the second day I was there, I woke up one morning, hearing them talking loudly in their bedroom to another friend who'd come to visit, basically yelling about the boy drama they were having. Annee had just broken up with her Mexican boyfriend, Kami was attempting to choose between the boy she'd kissed days before right before he went home for 6 weeks, or the new boy she'd macked on the night previous.

I texted my old roommate who was on a study abroad, and reported: "I think I'm going to like it here."
We bonded fairly quickly. Soon enough we were comfortable enough hanging out regularly, their friends were my friends, etc.

One rather boring Tuesday afternoon, we were all sitting about, trying to figure out what we could do to entertain ourselves that evening. We were watching the Bachelorette, a regular occurrence, and suddenly Annee yelled out, "I WANT TO CUDDLE WITH A BOY. ..........Let's have a cuddle party."

After a moment of staring from me and Kami, there was a general round of agreeing. Soon enough, plans were made for "Cuddle Tuesday." We started texting all of the local guys we knew amongst ourselves, inviting them over for "Cuddle Tuesday," which was to become a weekly thing if successful, we decided. We got back mostly half-hearted responses, but a couple said they would be there.

8 o'clock rolled around, and a couple guys made appearances during the movie we had decided to watch... but most of them were too terrified to make any moves. Sigh. Silly Utah boys. Fortunately, a friend of Kami, who I'd met briefly once before, decided to attend. His name? Max.

Max was a huge flirt. Blatant and unabashed. I'm kind of into that total lack of shame or holding back, so needless to say, I responded pretty well.
Long story short, Max and I ended up being the only ones in the room cuddling. And by cuddling, I MEAN cuddling. Spooning, hand holding, the whole deal. At one point, he was joking around and tickling me, and I turned over into the back of the couch we were on, and he stuck his head into the little dark cranny my face was confined to. Someone else in the room yelled something about not making out in front of everyone, and we jokingly made some loud, fake macking noises. Right after that, a loud action part of the movie came on, and our faces were super close. I giggled, and Max goes, "Why won't you kiss me?" And I responded by quietly placing one on him right then. He laughed and did the same to me, then we turned back out to the movie.

A few hours later, most everyone had left or gone to bed. Cept for Max and I.

Billy Madison was playing in the background as we spooned on the couch. I'd never seen that movie before.

Well... I still haven't really seen that movie.

Mostly because we were a little preoccupied with making out.

Hey. It happens.

I made him swear he wouldn't tell my roommates. Mostly because I was still pretty new and didn't want them to think I was a total and complete slut. And, as I texted him afterwards, "I'm pretty sure this makes me look.. well, really easy."

But thats life.

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Kaybaybay said...

I agree! It happens. And you are not easy!